The Badges are representing a nation's identity or alliance to a group of countries or to a country.

This is the list of Badges and their Meanings

Founder Edit


The Founder Badge

The Founder Badge is restricted to Kro new Khryov and Dreamplanet Dreamplanet As they founded the Polandvision Song Contest after the Blub War. It is not possible to sign up or align to get this badge.

The Polandvision Song Contest was suggested after the Blub War by Krocavica, Dreamplanet picked up the suggestion, making the first Polandvision Song Contest open for everybody to join.

The first Polandvision Song Contest had 9 countries competing.

Blub Edit


The Blub Alliance badge.

The Blub war is achievable, but is strict, the nations in the Blub Alliance are: The Last Stars The Last Stars, Proflag666 Promethean Colonialists, Caribinea Caribinea, Snaerland Snaerland, United Cultures of Aclesia United Cultures of Aclesia and Daenska Flag Daenska

How To Get Edit

The official Blub Requierements are: Being a Island Nation.

The Blub War. Edit

The Blub War made the Blub alliance have unfriendly relationships with the so-called "Air Guppy" Alliance, since that the Blub War was the Blub Alliance against the Air Guppies.

Communists Edit

Commi Badge

The Communist Badge

The Commie Badge is achievable, but however there isn't many nations in it, the nations that are in it are Scientificum Scientificum and Rustyal Rustyal and Rayanov Rayanov

How To Get Edit

The easiest one to get. Be a communist. That's all you need.

The Commie Badge seems easy to enter, but not many nations are in it.

Rustyal and Scientificum normally give eachother high marks, hence the alliance.

Rayanov is the newest member of the Communists.

Triple Alliance Edit


The Triple Alliance badge.

The Triple Alliance, despite it's name, has 4 nations, which are: Wenedowslavia Wenedowslavia, Neusiedlung Neusiedlung, Hrvenija Hrvenija, and Snaerland Snaerland. This badge is restricted to nations that are linked to Wenedowslavia.

Only one nation out of 4 in the Triple Alliance has won the Contest, which was Hrvenija. Hrvenija was also leading confortably during the whole contest, being the first nation to do so in a domination of the contest.

The new debutant in the Triple Alliance is Snaerland.

Hipslavic Alliance Edit

HispSlavic Alliance Badge

The Hipslavic Badge.

The Hipslavic badge has 3 members, Caribinea Caribinea, Stahn Stahn and Kro new Khryov. It is technically restricted to those 3.

How To Get Edit

It is not sure how to get the Hipslavic Alliance badge, but a guess would be that Stahn would invite you to the alliance.

The Hipslavic Alliance normally is a secondary alliance as Caribinea and Krocavica have their own alliance, which is next.

Saepricot Union Edit

Saepricot Union Badge

The Saepricot Badge.

The Saepricot is a restricted badge, it is restricted to Kro new Khryov, Caribinea Caribinea and Daenska Flag Daenska. It is restricted only to nations linked to Krocavica.

The Saepricot Union provides Military and Economical Aid to other members of the Alliance, and uses its own Custom Currency, the Saep.

Daenska is the new debuter in the Polandvision Song Contest, announcing confirmation after becomming independant from The Danish Confederacy, it keeps nice relations with TDC despite being oppressed earlier for becoming independent.

Krocavica is the best performing of the Alliance, coming 5th and 6th. Caribinea came 7th and 12th respectively.

Winner Edit


The Winner Badge.

The Winner badge is the badge awarded to the winner of the Polandvision Song Contest, it is only owned by Proflag666 Promethean Colonialists and Hrvenija Hrvenija.

How To Get Edit

This is one of the hardest badges to get, as it consists in winning the contest, you have to have the perfect song that everyone seems to like, not the most allies, unlike conspiracists say that "Alliances are Everything", but the song that is picked for the contest has to be absolutely remarkable.

Nord Union Edit


Nord Union badge

The Nord Union badge is given to nations with ties to The Danish Confederacy The Danish Confederacy or Scandinavia in general. Currently, only Daenska Flag Daenska and The Danish Confederacy The Danish Confederacy have the badge.

How To Get Edit

Official Nord Union requirements: Be a Nord. Keep ties to the Nords. Be nice to Daenska and The Danish Confederacy

General Info Edit

The Nord Union was formed between those 2 due to being closely related and even Daenska becomming independant from The Danish Confederacy, which after that Daenska confirmed it's participation in the Polandvision Song Contest, but the day after Daenska's Independance, The Danish Confederacy issued a statement that it would compete in the 3rd Polandvision Song Contest, it was the 21st nation to enter the 3rd Polandvision Song contest.

Relationships Edit

DramaAlert Badge

The Relationships Badge.

See Relishingships for more information on this badge.

Polandball Veterans Edit

PolenBall Veteran Badge

The Polandball Veterans badge is for the veterans of Polandball, as the name suggests.

How to Get Edit

This Badge is probably one of the hardest to get, as you have to either be in the Polandball RP since 2014 (the year it started), or 2015.

The nations that have this badge are: Dreamplanet Dreamplanet, Greater New Finland Greater New Finland, Komekong Komekong, Hemmia Hemmia, Rustyal Rustyal, Scientificum Scientificum, Tekeristan Tekeristan and Wenedowslavia Wenedowslavia.

Many more badges are expected to come as the contest goes on.

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