This article is about Hemmia Hemmia in the Polandvision Song Contest

Hemmia Miss Li

Femme Hemme drawing inspiration from the deepest depths of her soul

"Åll you need is löwe!"
PolenBall Veteran Badge

Hemmia is a nation that debuted in the 4th Polandvision Song Contest. It is a Polandball veteran on Nationstates.Though attendance to the various Polandvision editions has been sporadic, Hemmia is a devoted fan of the competition and follows it religiously.

With a taste for Europop and indie rock there is still nothing that Hemmia loves as much as classic Polandvision Schlager. And nothing that brings as much distaste to Hemmia as rap.

Edition Artist Song Final Points
#4 Gyllene Tider Teaser Japanese 07 59
#5 Withdrawn
#8 Miss Li I Can't Get You Off My Mind 06 65
#9 Caesar's Palace Fun & Games 07 62
#10 Carola Fångad av en Stormvind 04 78
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