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12th February 2017


Libon, Dreamplanet Dreamplanet

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Polandvision - The Best Of is a special occasion contest, which will most likely only be a one-off, it follows the same format as the normal Polandvision, but it will be for the best acts of each country participating, it is the 10th edition of Polandvision, and a special one.

Participating CountriesEdit

Polandvision - The Best Of is for the best acts sent from countries that have participated in Polandvision over the years, there are two ways that a song can get chosen, if it was the most liked by the community or if it was the best ranking song that the country ever sent, either is fine.

It is hosted in Dreamplanet as it was the nation that started it all.


The voting format is decided a few days before the contest. But it will be the same voting format if there is more than 10 nations.

There needs to be atleast 11 editions, the contest got 14 which was enough to have the 1-8 10 and 12 voting format.

This voting format has been used since the 2nd edition.

Grand FinalEdit

This is a list of the nations that took part.

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
01 Dreamplanet Dreamplanet Alexander Rybak Fairytale
02 Kro new Khryov Goran Bregovic Kalashnikov

Nationstates countries in Polandvision
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