Polandvision Song Contest
Polandvision Song Contest




May 22, 2016


Kro new Khryov, Dreamplanet Dreamplanet



Nation Entry Limit


This is the main focus of this Wikia, the Polandvision Song Contest, it is a Polandball event in the Nationstates Forums/Discord.

It has a limit of 26 nations, and has had 9 editions so far, the most recent winner of the Polandvision Song Contest is Rstmp Rennen-Slovette with 87 points.


If you want to join, you must be a active member of the Polandball Discord, however it is private.

Rules Edit

These are the official Polandvision Rules:

  1. The songs must be under 10 minutes, no endless loops, loops of a certain moment of the song (i.e Remove Kebab) or any sort of that nature is not allowed.
  2. You must follow the voting format for your votes to be valid. If you do not vote, your votes will be randomized.
  3. The songs MUST have lyrics (United Cultures of Aclesia United Cultures of Aclesia's debut song is the exception, but it will not be allowed in the future).
  4. No war songs, or anthems of any sort. (i.e The Internationale or Serbia Strong.)
  5. A limit of 4 puppets per edition. If a puppet won the contest, it can host the contest, but then only 1 nation can join the host.
  6. No real-life nations allowed, only nations from Nationstates are allowed.


This is the nations debuting.

Edition Country making it's debut entry
#1 All

Wenedowslavia WenedowslaviaHrvenija HrvenijaScientificum ScientificumStahn StahnSocijalisticka Republika Jugoslavije Socijalisticka Republika Jugoslavije (Withdrew) Ralioskener RalioskenerSkarten Skarten, Neusiedlung Neusiedlung, New Romania I New Romania I


SKM Macedonia SKM MacedoniaKondika KondikaChina IV China IV, Komekong Komekong, Daenska Flag Daenska, Snaerland Snaerland, United Cultures of Aclesia United Cultures of Aclesia, Rstmp Rennen-Slovette, Bahtar Bahtar, Amureka Amureka, Flenski Flenski, The Danish Confederacy The Danish Confederacy, Sakartvelos Respublika Sakartvelos Respublika, Greater New Finland Greater New Finland, Eastern Asian Republic Eastern Asian Republic

#4 Hemmia Hemmia, GreaterNordicFederation Greater Nordic Federation, Regents Regents, New Deadpool New Deadpool, Tecton Tecton, Katyushastan Katyushastan
#5 Rayanov Rayanov, Cessia Cessia
#6 Pansalna Pansalna, Bhikkustan Bhikkustan
#7 Flowrisa Flowrisa, Browncountry Brown Country, Bawalii Ba'wali'i
#8 Warschawajanka Warschawajanka, Suphannaphumi Suphannaphumi, FDL Flor de Lago
#9 FRB flag stamp FR Bermuda, Devernia flag Devernia, Swabia Swabia, Lehr flag Lerhavirbuter
#10 Harmoor template flag Harmoor
#11 PWTB Propwash
#13 Achya Achya


Edition Country Artist Song Points Runner-Up Host Country
1 Proflag666 Promethean Colonialists Crankdat & Havok Roth (feat. TITUS) "Stoopid Rich" 47 Rustyal Rustyal Dreamplanet Dreamplanet
2 Hrvenija Hrvenija Tinkara Kovač "Round and Round" 127 Rustyal Rustyal Proflag666 Promethean Colonialists
3 Rustyal Rustyal Полина Гагарина Спектакль окончен 126 Hrvenija Hrvenija Hrvenija Hrvenija
4 The Last Stars The Last Stars Paul Oscar "Minn hinsti dans" 108 Kondika Kondika Rustyal Rustyal
5 Rstmp Rennen-Slovette OK Go I Won't Let You Down 149 The Last Stars The Last Stars The Last Stars The Last Stars
6 Kro new Khryov maNga We Could Be The Same 91 Dreamplanet Dreamplanet Rstmp Rennen-Slovette
7 Rstmp Rennen-Slovette The Emotions Best Of My Love 119 GreaterNordicFederation Greater Nordic Federation Kro new Khryov
8 Oskania Oskania Get In The Ring Festival Blaze 93 Kro new Khryov Rstmp Rennen-Slovette
9 Komekong Komekong Mayday Party Animals 85 FRB flag stamp FR Bermuda Oskania Oskania
10 P I Flag Peninsula Italiae Lou Grant Don't Stop the Music 94 Dreamplanet Dreamplanet Komekong Komekong
11 FRB flag stamp FR Bermuda Elvis Presley A Little Less Conversation 92 Rstmp Rennen-Slovette P I Flag Peninsula Italiae
12 PWTB Propwash Toto Africa 74 Devernia flag Devernia FRB flag stamp FR Bermuda
13 Dreamplanet Dreamplanet Vânia Fernandes Senhora do Mar 86 Regria flag Regria PWTB Propwash
14 Rstmp Rennen-Slovette Viktor Lazlo Breathless 87 Kro new Khryov Dreamplanet Dreamplanet
15 TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD Rstmp Rennen-Slovette


Country which won contest, hosts next edition.

Contests Country City Edition
3 Rstmp Rennen-Slovette Sørhavn
2 Dreamplanet Dreamplanet Libon #1
Proflag666 Promethean Colonialists Altaïr #2
Hrvenija Hrvenija Zagreb #3
Rustyal Rustyal Ksempiov #4
The Last Stars The Last Stars Tridius #5
Kro new Khryov Bjorsz #7
Oskania Oskania Tokyomata #9
Komekong Komekong Fou Pen #10
P I Flag Peninsula Italiae Rome #11
FRB flag stamp FR Bermuda Hamilton #12
PWTB Propwash Corraine #13

Gallery Edit

Nationstates countries in Polandvision
Achya Achya - Amureka Amureka - Caribinea Caribinea - Cessia Cessia - Daenska Flag Daenska - Devernia flag Devernia - Dreamplanet Dreamplanet - East Lebatuck East Lebatuck - FRB flag stamp FR Bermuda - Finorskia Finorskia - Greater New Finland Greater New Finland - GreaterNordicFederation Greater Nordic Federation - Harmoor template flag Harmoor - Hemmia Hemmia - Hrvenija Hrvenija - Katyushastan Katyushastan - Komekong Komekong -Kondika Kondika - Kro new Khryov - Lehr flag Lerhavirbuter - Luger flag Luger - Neusiedlung Neusiedlung - Flag of North Virginia North Virginia - Oranje Oranje Republic - Oskania Oskania - Proflag666 Promethean Colonialists - PWTB Propwash - P I Flag Peninsula Italiae - Ralioskener Ralioskener - Rayanov Rayanov - Regents Regents - Regria flag Regria - Rstmp Rennen-Slovette - Rustyal Rustyal - Scientificum Scientificum - Serbia Kosovo and Montenegro Serbia Kosovo and Montenegro - Skarten Skarten - SKM Macedonia SKM Macedonia - Stahn Stahn - Suphannaphumi Suphannaphumi - Swabia Swabia - Tecton Tecton - The Danish Confederacy The Danish Confederacy - The Last Stars The Last Stars - United Cultures of Aclesia United Cultures of Aclesia - United Territories and States United Territories and States - Wenedowslavia Wenedowslavia
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