Polandvision Song Contest #10



Final date

4th of September 2017


Fou Pen, Komekong Komekong

Debuting Countries

Harmoor template flag Harmoor
Flag of North Virginia North Virginia
P I Flag Peninsula Italiae
Luger flag Luger
East Lebatuck East Lebatuck
Regria flag Regria

Returning Countries

Caribinea Caribinea
Dreamplanet Dreamplanet

Withdrawing Countries

United Cultures of Aclesia United Cultures of Aclesia
Devernia flag Devernia
Katyushastan Katyushastan
Amureka Amureka
Swabia Swabia


P I Flag Peninsula Italiae
Lou Grant
"Don't Stop the Music"




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Polandvision Song Contest #10 is the tenth edition of the Polandvision Song Contest. It is hosted in Fou Pen, the capital of Komekong which won the competition for the first time after a tight race with Bermuda, Khryov, Lerhavirbuter and the Greater Nordic Federation.

It is the third competition to be Discord exclusive and the second after Dreamplanet's departure, however Dreamplanet returned this edition, they will most likely not return next edition.

Participating Countries Edit

Polandvision 10 is still with the format of being a Discord Exclusive.

This edition had a large number of debuting countries.

Voting Edit

The voting format is decided a few days before the contest. But it will be the same voting format if there is more than 10 nations. There needs to be at least 11 entries.

Polandvision 10 has the distinction of being one of few editions where every contestant voted on time and no votes had to be randomized.

Grand Final Edit

10 Polandvision Fou Pen

Fou Pen in Komekong, location of the competition.

This is a list of the nations that took part.

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
01 Flag of North Virginia North Virginia English People Roll Alabama Roll 14 39
02 Kro new Khryov 5NIZZA Soldat 05 75
03 Harmoor template flag Harmoor The Cog is Dead People Are Strange 03 84
04 Caribinea Caribinea Patrice Soulstorm 17 28
05 GreaterNordicFederation Greater Nordic Federation DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air Theme 07 61
06 Dreamplanet Dreamplanet Paul Harrington & Charlie McGettigan Rock 'n' Roll Kids 02 86
07 P I Flag Peninsula Italiae Lou Grant Don't Stop the Music 01 94
08 Komekong Komekong (H) G.E.M. Light Years Away 15 38
09 Rstmp Rennen-Slovette Rascal Flatts Life is a Highway 09 58
10 Hemmia Hemmia Carola Fångad av en Stormvind 04 78
11 Luger flag Luger Dean Martin My Rifle, My Pony and Me 10 50
12 East Lebatuck East Lebatuck Dschinghis Khan Moskau 13 42
13 Proflag666 Promethean Colonialists Bear McCreary All Along the Watchtower 08 58
14 Oskania Oskania GCHM Night Parade On The Sky 16 17
15 Regria flag Regria Blake Lewis Mr. Brightside 06 67
16 FRB flag stamp FR Bermuda Omar Anoke It's A Good Day To Die 11 47
17 Lehr flag Lerhavirbuter Jcques Houdek My Friend 12 46
Polandvision 10 PI victory

Peninsula Italiae receiving the Polandvision Trophy from hostess Komekong.

12 points Edit

N. Contestant Nation(s) giving 12 points
4 P I Flag Peninsula Italiae Caribinea Caribinea, Komekong Komekong, Luger flag Luger, Oskania Oskania
3 Kro new Khryov Flag of North Virginia North Virginia, Proflag666 Promethean Colonialists, Lehr flag Lerhavirbuter
2 Hemmia Hemmia Dreamplanet Dreamplanet, Rstmp Rennen-Slovette
Flag of North Virginia North Virginia Harmoor template flag Harmoor, Hemmia Hemmia
1 Harmoor template flag Harmoor GreaterNordicFederation Greater Nordic Federation
GreaterNordicFederation Greater Nordic Federation P I Flag Peninsula Italiae
Proflag666 Promethean Colonialists Kro new Khryov
Rstmp Rennen-Slovette FRB flag stamp FR Bermuda
FRB flag stamp FR Bermuda East Lebatuck East Lebatuck
Lehr flag Lerhavirbuter Regria flag Regria

Other Countries Edit

Last Edition Performers Edit

Amureka Amureka, Katyushastan Katyushastan and Swabia Swabia withdrew as Stahn was too busy to attend this edition.

Devernia flag Devernia didn't participate, being replaced by East Lebatuck.

United Cultures of Aclesia United Cultures of Aclesia

Returning Nations Edit

Caribinea Caribinea, Dreamplanet Dreamplanet

Debuting Nations Edit

Flag of North Virginia North Virginia, Harmoor template flag Harmoor, P I Flag Peninsula Italiae, Luger flag Luger, East Lebatuck East Lebatuck, Regria flag Regria

  • Khryov
  • Harmoor
  • Caribinea
  • Peninsula Italiae
  • Komekong
  • Luger