Polandvision Song Contest #6



Final date

June 25, 2016


Sørhavn, Rstmp Rennen-Slovette

Debuting Countries

Bhikkustan Bhikkustan
Pansalna Pansalna

Withdrawing Countries

GreaterNordicFederation Greater Nordic Federation
Regents Regents
Tecton Tecton
Hemmia Hemmia
United Cultures of Aclesia United Cultures of Aclesia
Oskania Oskania
Wenedowslavia Wenedowslavia
Hrvenija Hrvenija
Caribinea Caribinea


Kro new Khryov
We Could Be The Same




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Polandvision Song Contest #6 is the 6th edition of the Polandvision Song Contest. It was won by Krocavica with 91 points, 1 point over Polandvision Founder, Dreamplanet, which finished with 90 points. The contest was the first time that the logo was not designed by Dreamplanet himself, it was designed by the host, Rennen-Slovette, and there was a second logo made by the Co-Founder, Krocavica.

Participating CountriesEdit

19 nations signed up to take part, which was the lowest that the contest had ever seen since the 2nd Polandvision Song Contest, which only had 15 nations competing. Many countries withdrew and only 2 countries entered the contest.

Despite the recent lack of countries debuting, it still achieves more than 12 nations, and there were meant to be 20 nations participating in the contest, but Oskania failed to enter a song to the contest in time.


The voting will be decided a few days before the contest. But it will be the same voting format if there is more than 10 nations.

The voting format was the traditional Eurovision format that has been used since Polandvision 2, as there were more than 10 countries involved.

This was the first contest since Polandvision 2 that everyone voted in time, and that countries' votes didn't have to be randomized.

This was the most points that a last place ever got, with the least being 0 points by Amureka.

Grand FinalEdit

There is 19 nations confirmed, Krocavica won with 91 points.

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
01 Daenska Flag Daenska Sabaton Swedish Pagans 13 39
02 Rustyal Rustyal pigwiththefaceofaboy Complete History Of The Soviet Union 09 45
03 Rayanov Rayanov Mr. Weebl Russian Dancing Men 10 45
04 Cessia Cessia Biggie Smalls Thomas the Tank Engine Theme 17 29
05 Kro new Khryov maNga We Could Be The Same 01 91
06 Komekong Komekong Jay Chou Eunuch with a Headache 15 37
07 Rstmp Rennen-Slovette Carpenters They Long To Be (Close To You) 05 58
08 Scientificum Scientificum Bill Wurtz New Canaan 03 60
09 Bhikkustan Bhikkustan Daler Mehndi Tunak Tunak Tun 18 28
10 Skarten Skarten Sabaton The Final Solution 16 31
11 The Danish Confederacy The Danish Confederacy Queen We Are The Champions 07 53
12 The Last Stars The Last Stars Ga1ahad and Scientific Witchery Mili 08 51
13 Kondika Kondika Loreen Euphoria 06 57
14 Dreamplanet Dreamplanet Alexander Rybak Fairytale 02 90
15 Serbia Kosovo and Montenegro Serbia Kosovo and Montenegro Jade Ewen It's My Time 11 42
16 SKM Macedonia SKM Macedonia Marie N I Wanna 12 40
17 Pansalna Pansalna Emmelie de Forest Only Teardrops 04 59
18 Proflag666 Promethean Colonialists EFF3CTS 805 14 38
19 Katyushastan Katyushastan Uesaka Sumire Cossack Lullaby 19 25

Other Countries Edit

Last Edition Peformers Edit

Many nations which participated last edition did not come to the next edition, and Hrvenija was a shock withdrawal, as Hrvenija had come 3rd on the 5th Polandvision Song Contest.

Debutants Edit

Bhikkustan Bhikkustan entered Polandvision 6 in the sign-up period.

Pansalna Pansalna had attempted to enter Polandvision as a Rennen-Slovette puppet since Polandvision 5. It finally entered Polandvision 6.

Nationstates countries in Polandvision
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