Polandvision Song Contest #7
Polandvision Song Contest7new



Final date

September 11, 2016


Bjorsz, Kro new Khryov

Debuting Countries

Flowrisa Flowrisa
Browncountry Brown Country
Bawalii Ba'wali'i

Withdrawing Countries

Kondika Kondika
Pansalna Pansalna
Rustyal Rustyal
Rayanov Rayanov
The Danish Confederacy The Danish Confederacy
Serbia Kosovo and Montenegro Serbia Kosovo and Montenegro
SKM Macedonia SKM Macedonia
Skarten Skarten
Bhikkustan Bhikkustan


Rstmp Rennen-Slovette
The Emotions
Best Of My Love




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Polandvision Song Contest #7 is the 7th edition of the Polandvision Song Contest. It was originally planned for June 25th, but it went into a un-expected hiatus untill the 30th of August, where the Owner, Dreamplanet called for a restart.

Rennen-Slovette won the contest for the 2nd time, being the first time a country wins a second.

Participating CountriesEdit

There were originally 20 nations involved in the pre-restart contest, but now with the restart, countries have to send in songs again.

However, the restarted Polandvision 7 had 17 nations, 3 short of the original contest.

The list of withdrawing countries is high, but mostly aren't around now, or just chose not to enter.


The voting will be decided a few days before the contest. But it will be the same voting format if there is more than 10 nations.

There were 17 nations confirmed, which was enough to have the 1-8 10 and 12 voting format.

This voting format has been used since the 2nd edition.

Grand FinalEdit

This is the 17 nations that took part

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
01 Dreamplanet Dreamplanet Leonor Andrade Há Um Mar Que Nos Separa 06 66
02 Kro new Khryov (H) Neuromonakh Feofan Stamp Down 09 48
03 Proflag666 Promethean Colonialists marshmello KeEp IT MeLLo (feat. Omar LinX) 04 75
04 Flowrisa Flowrisa Peter Hollens ft. Taylor Davis I See Fire 10 44
05 The Last Stars The Last Stars horizon Mother 03 95
06 Oskania Oskania Yuuhei Satellite Haisakura 07 66
07 GreaterNordicFederation Greater Nordic Federation Men Without Hats Safety Dance 02 95
08 Scientificum Scientificum Munamies Teddy-karhujen huviretki 13 41
09 Rstmp Rennen-Slovette The Emotions Best Of My Love 01 119
10 Cessia Cessia MC Mental Chav Dance Song 15 36
11 Stahn Stahn Neil Young Pocahontas 12 42
12 Amureka Amureka Bruce Springsteen The River 14 39
13 Daenska Flag Daenska Danish Hon 17 23
14 Caribinea Caribinea Buena Vista Social Club Chan Chan 08 51
15 Katyushastan Katyushastan Elton John Nikita 16 36
16 Browncountry Brown Country Christina Aguilera Beautiful 11 44
17 Bawalii Ba'wali'i Electric Light Orchestra Mr. Blue Sky 05 69

Other Countries Edit

Last Edition Peformers Edit

A total of 9 countries withdrew from the contest, most notably former Polandvision winner, Rustyal Rustyal.

Debutants Edit

Flowrisa Flowrisa Debuts this edition.

Browncountry Brown Country Also debuts this edition.

Bawalii Ba'wali'i Debuts this edition aswell.

Nationstates countries in Polandvision
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