Polandvision Song Contest #9



Final date

9th of June 2017


Tokyomata, Oskania Oskania

Debuting Countries

FRB flag stamp FR Bermuda
Devernia flag Devernia
Swabia Swabia
Lehr flag Lerhavirbuter

Returning Countries

Amureka Amureka
Katyushastan Katyushastan

Withdrawing Countries

Dreamplanet Dreamplanet
Warschawajanka Warschawajanka
Suphannaphumi Suphannaphumi
Bawalii Ba'wali'i
FDL Flor de Lago
Ralioskener Ralioskener


Komekong Komekong
"Party Animals"




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Polandvision Song Contest #9 is the 9th edition of the Polandvision Song Contest. It is hosted in Oskania, which won the contest for the first time, beating Polandvision 6 winner, Khryov by 3 points, receiving 93 points.

This is the second contest to be a Discord Exclusive and the 2nd in the year of 2017.

After the sudden departure of Dreamplanet the edition was put on hiatus until it was resurrected in May by Rennen-Slovette.

Participating CountriesEdit

Polandvision 9 is still with the format of being a Discord Exclusive. Many minor and major nations have withdrawn, leaving a smaller core of old-time participants with a few new joining their ranks.


The voting format is decided a few days before the contest. But it will be the same voting format if there is more than 10 nations.

There needs to be atleast 11 editions, the contest got 14 which was enough to have the 1-8 10 and 12 voting format.

This voting format has been used since the 2nd edition.

The finale involved a tight race between Komekong, Khryov and the debuting Bermuda which was finally won by Komekong.

Grand FinalEdit

This is a list of the nations that took part.

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
01 Komekong Komekong Mayday Party Animals 01 85
02 Kro new Khryov Federatia Unita Choir When We Were at War 03 77
03 Proflag666 Promethean Colonialists Matbow Me & You 14 15
04 Rstmp Rennen-Slovette Randy Crawford Streetlife 08 60
05 United Cultures of Aclesia United Cultures of Aclesia Asia Only Time Will Tell 10 58
06 FRB flag stamp FR Bermuda Frank Sinatra My Way 02 78
07 Devernia flag Devernia Macintosh Plus/Floral Shop リサフランク420 / 現代のコンピュー) 11 48
08 GreaterNordicFederation Greater Nordic Federation Paul Simon You Can Call me Al 05 71
09 Katyushastan Katyushastan Woodie Guthrie This Land is Your Land 12 34
10 Amureka Amureka Daniel Cormier All About That Cake 13 30
11 Swabia Swabia Falco Jeanny 06 63
12 Hemmia Hemmia Caesar's Palace Fun & Games 07 62
13 Oskania Oskania (H) True Dream Solister 09 59
14 Lehr flag Lerhavirbuter Ivan Mikulić Daješ mi krila 04 72
Komekong victory polandvison 9

Komekong's victorious team

12 points Edit

N. Contestant Nation(s) giving 12 points
3 FRB flag stamp FR Bermuda Rstmp Rennen-Slovette, Amureka Amureka, Oskania Oskania
2 Komekong Komekong Katyushastan Katyushastan, Lehr flag Lerhavirbuter
Lehr flag Lerhavirbuter Kro new Khryov, Hemmia Hemmia
Swabia Swabia FRB flag stamp FR Bermuda, Devernia flag Devernia
1 Kro new Khryov Proflag666 Promethean Colonialists
GreaterNordicFederation Greater Nordic Federation Swabia Swabia
Hemmia Hemmia United Cultures of Aclesia United Cultures of Aclesia
Oskania Oskania Komekong Komekong
Devernia flag Devernia GreaterNordicFederation Greater Nordic Federation

Other Countries Edit

Last Edition Peformers Edit

Dreamplanet Dreamplanet left the competition and the discord, seemingly forever.

Ralioskener Ralioskener left after returning for 8th edition.

Returning Nations Edit

Amureka Amureka and Katyushastan Katyushastan chose to make a return.

Debuting Nations Edit

FRB flag stamp FR Bermuda

Devernia flag Devernia

Swabia Swabia

Lehr flag Lerhavirbuter was a latecomer debut, signing up on the last day.

  • Komekong
  • Rennen-Slovette
  • Bermuda
  • Greater Nordic Federation
  • Katyushastan
  • Hemmia
  • Lerharvirbuter

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